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Edge processing

Glass and mirror edge processing

Glass processing is our speciality. Fast, high quality, industrial glass tempering, heat strengthening, laminating, painting and decorating. High quality and firm guarantees.


Laminated glass

Multilayer, bulletproof, armour-plated glass, triplex

Laminated glass is a package consisting of 2 or more layers of glass with an adhesive material in between, most commonly a polyvinyl butyral film.


Stained glass

Stained glass windows using CADRAM technology

CadRam stained glass is more durable than other types of stained glass, making it more suitable for decorating windows, doors, partitions and openings. It can also be used in the design of double glazed windows.


Glass washbasins

Single and double glass washbasins

We produce single, double and monolithic washbasins with a glass top. Glass washbasins are made of clear or tinted float glass, 15 or 19 mm thick, with the possibility of painting in any colour.


Furniture made of glass

Tables, cupboards, doors, shelves, etc.

The company produces both ready-made furniture solutions: kitchen, dining, decorative glass tables, glass coffee tables, coffee tables, glass TV stands, decorative glass flower stands; and other pieces of furniture: glass shelves, glass doors, triple steps, etc.


Our clients RECEIVE:

Quality of products and services of Losk company at the highest level

Quality.Modern facilities and professional staff

The key to the quality of Losk's services and products is the company's professional staff, the modernisation of equipment and the introduction of the latest technologies in production.

The reliability and integrity of Losk as a partner is proven by time.

Reliability.Reliability, integrity, responsibility

The reliability and integrity of Losk as a partner is proven and as strong as the bulletproof glass of our production. Perhaps every company in the region whose activities are somehow related to glass uses or has used our services.

Use only modern European equipment

Modernity.Use only modern European equipment

Losk uses only the most modern industrial equipment of the best European manufacturers: Intermac, Bovone, Lovatti, Tamglass, LISEC, etc.

Production and services

Our clients

We value our customers above all else. We strive to provide quality services to all our clients on a priority basis. We invite you to join our client list and enjoy our services.

  • Sklo-Trade LLC
  • Glass Trösh Kharkiv LLC
  • Promdesign LLC
  • Montantransgaz LLC
  • Papa Carlo door factory
  • PE Window factory "EKIPAZH"
  • BC Modus Budova LLP
  • Modern-XXI LLC

Recent blog posts

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LOSK is the one of regional leaders in the industrial processing of glass and mirrors Order

Architectural projects

Architectural solutions in which LOSK participated

Ave Plaza Shopping Centre

Production of 12 mm toughened glass for internal enclosures and 12 mm enamel for internal enclosures

City Hall office centre

Production of tempered glass for the building façade and ground floor double-glazed windows and interior works
CENTER-HALL - Glass for the façade of an office centre

You are in good hands.

Five points that define our advantage.
  • An industry leader since 1988. Over 30 years on the market.
  • Modern equipment from the best European manufacturers.
  • Strict adherence to deadlines.
  • 100% reliability and guarantee.
  • A team of experienced professionals.
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